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The Ashby Project


The Ashby Project has arisen out of feedback received during the Neighbourhood Plan consultation process. There were lots of great ideas but not stricly related to planning.

The first step in the project was recruiting a project manager, this is to be for a period of 18 months.

Jo Holland is now firmly in place and is taking forward the three project strands -

Cultural and Leisure



Key stakeholders are involved in each area and, to ensure continuity, both Jo and Jack Fargher attend all group meetings.

All have met at least three times now.

One main objective has been to develop the Ashby brand and proposition, there is an inconsistent approach to marketing and a need to have one message and brand to be as effective as possible.

The project aims to reconnect residents and to encourage, and entice, new vistors to the town and surrounding area.

Ashby has so many attractions but we just haven't been shouting about them as well as we could be.

The project has now contracted with a specialist branding and place marketing agency, Together Agency.

They have carried out phase one which was a workshop with our stakeholders to shape what the Ashby offer is.

A project sponsorship has been agreed and papaerwork is being drafted, an announcement will follow shortly.

The North Street development will begin soon with the demolition of the old Health Centre, this is timetabled for August 2017.

Paul Sanders of NWLDC is overseeing this part of the project since John Richardson left his post for pastures new.

Update from Jo

The branding part of the project is going extremely well, our stakeholder feedback has been invaluable. The logo design is happening as we speak, I have had a sneak preview of the ideas and they are impressive and definitely meet our demanding brief!

I will be on a stand at this week's event - Jim's Tractor Run Sunday on the Bath Grounds, there will be an opporunity to ask me questions and I might ask one or two myself, especially around whether Ashby de la Zouch should be hyphenated....

Look out for the photography competition being run in the Ashby Life throughout August, an opportunity for community involvement. We want some great images for the Cultural and Leisure, Heritage and Business Quarters.






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