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HS2 Phase 2b

September 2019

Ashby de la Zouch Town Council has submitted it's response to the HS2 Phase 2b Route Refinement Consultation.

Town Council consultation response

June 2019

HS2 Ltd have launched consultation on route refinements around junction 13 of the A42 and on the location of a Temporary Rail Head at Ashby de la Zouch. The Consultation runs until 6th September 2019.  Further details can be found on this link

An information event will be held at Ivanhoe College, North Street, Ashby de la Zouch, LE65 1HX on Saturday 29 June from 12pm to 5pm.

December 2018

Ashby de la Zouch Town Council submitted it's response to:

Consultation on the Working Draft Environmental Statement, the response can be viewed here.

Consultation on the Working Draft Equality Impact Assessment Report, the response can be viewed here.

October 2018

HS2 Ltd have launched two new route wide consultations on their emerging proposals for the new railway. The consultations start on 11 October 2018 and will close at 23:45 on 21 December 2018.

  • The working draft Environmental Statement – this describes the likely environmental impacts of building and operating Phase 2b of HS2; as well as proposed ways to avoid, reduce, mitigate and monitor the effects.
  • The working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report – this looks at the potential effects of building and operating the railway on people protected by the Equalities Act 2010.

To support the consultations, reference copies of the consultation documents will be available during the consultation period at a number of locations along the route. Further details can be found on this link.

17th July 2017

The Transport Secretary has confirmed the route for High Speed Rail Lines between Birmingham and Leeds.  The route will still pass close to Ashby alongside the A42.  The proposed route refinement around Measham is not going a head and plans have reverted to the 2013 route, with a slight modification around Measham.

Further details can be found on this link.

November 2016

On 15th November 2016 the Transport Secretary confirmed the majority of the preferred HS2 Phase 2 route from Crewe to Manchester and from the West Midlands to Leeds.  It is anticipated that Phase 2 will begin operating around 2033 as part of the integrated HS2 network and with the rest of the UK rail network.

The new station in the East Midlands will be at Toton.

There are 7 refinements on which the Department of Transport is consulting, one on the eastern leg is 'to move the route to the east of Measham in Leicestershire, avoiding the most significant impacts on local manufacturing businesses and development sites.

This consultation runs from 15th November to 11:45pm on 9th March.  Below links are provided to relevant government websites and to key documents.  

More information e.g. on consultation events will be made available as details are released.

The website announcing the preferred route is on this link.

Key maps on the section near Ashby de la Zouch can be viewed on this link.

Details of the current consultation on refining the proposed route can be seen on this link.

Download: A summary of the route from Birchmoor to Tonge.

Download: Engineering drawing for the route from Appleby Magna to Ashby de la Zouch.

Download: Engineering drawing for the route from Ashby de la Zouch to Lount.

Download: Announcing Phase 2b

Download: Route refinement consultation 2016

Download: Route refinement consultation form 2016


On 28th January 2013 the Department of Transport announced the proposed route for Phase 2 of HS2. This is the new High Speed Railway line from London to Leeds, which is going via Birmingham.

Phase 1 is from London to Birmingham and is currently further down the planning process and the government hopes passengers will be using Phase 1 by 2026.

Phase 2 will follow the line of the A42 and pass through the parish of Ashby de la Zouch. The nearest station will be Toton, which is in between Derby and Nottingham.

The Government's official public consultation on the proposed route started on 17th July 2013 and is open until 17:00 on 31 January 2014. The final chosen route being announced by the end of 2014. If timescales are adhered to then the line would open to passengers in 2033.

An information event has been organised by the HS2 Company for Thursday 5th December 2013 from 12 noon to 8pm at Hood Park Leisure Centre. A consultation event will also be held at Measham Leisure Centre on Wednesday 27th November from 12 noon to 8pm.

A copy of the Consultation Documentation can be viewed at Ashby de la Zouch Library, North Street, Ashby.

As the Town Council becomes aware of any developments these will be placed on this website.

Maps showing the proposed route
‚ÄčThis link takes you to the Department for Transport's website where the plans of the proposed route are held.

HS2 Limited website
This link takes you to the website of HS2 Limited for Phase 2.

Leicestershire County Council's information on HS2
Details of Leicestershire County Council's position regarding HS2.

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